Where is the Nextcloud assistant?

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I have always seen the benefits of the cloud. Having your data readily available wherever you are in the world, is extremely convenient. Similarly I’ve always been wary of the cloud. Putting your data in the hands of private businesses for free? There has to be a catch, right? And there is: they use it for profiling, data mining and training their AI all while allowing various government agencies access to this information. The answer to my worries is Nextcloud, a secure and private cloud platform. Nextcloud does pretty much everything I want but there’s one thing I am missing. Where is the Nextcloud assistant?

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Joplin with Nextcloud

Joplin on all client devices

Joplin with Nextcloud

If you’re anything like me, you like to take notes. Whether it’s in a work meeting, a post idea for my blog or a simple shopping list, I want somewhere to jot things down quickly. I also like having access to my notes wherever I go. Last but certainly not least, I like to work with Nextcloud server, which runs my private cloud. Enter Joplin! Here’s how to use Joplin with Nextcloud.

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The lure of Google

I’ve been using smart phones for a long time, in particular the top range Samsung Galaxy line of phones. As most of you will probably know, these phones are Android based and come pre-loaded with lots of software from Google. You pretty much need a Google account to use them. Google software is generally pretty good and on top of that it’s free to use. I understand the lure of Google like no other. There’s just this nagging feeling that I can’t seem to shake.

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Without privacy, you lose your ability to have an identity of your own

I believe that privacy is something that humans need. Being able to do things and to speak about things without being watched or recorded is essential to growth and identity formation. How do you know who you are or what your values are if you are not free to explore those?

Without privacy, we are unable to test the waters in our formative teenage years, we’re unable to tell things in confidence, and therefore to be ourselves.

Source: Without privacy, you lose your ability to have an identity of your own