FBI takes down Megaupload, Anonymous takes down FBI

Yesterday, the FBI took down file hosting service Megaupload.com, for suspected copyright infringement. Why wait for ACTA to become a reality when you can jump the gun, right? Also, this case proves that ACTA is not necessary to act against sites suspected of copyright infringement. Today, it seems Anonymous is up in arms against the FBI and plenty of organizations that support or want ACTA. Most of their sites are down. Here is the “official” announcement by Anonymous. As far as you can make official announcements when you have no membership and no spokesperson, of course. Continue reading “FBI takes down Megaupload, Anonymous takes down FBI”


This is an open letter to all those concerned, especially members of the European Parliament.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are our elected representatives. You are the last hurdle the ACTA agreement has to take before it can be implemented. It is my fervent hope that you shall prove to be an insurmountable hurdle. It is my sincere wish that you vote “No” against this far-reaching and potentially very dangerous treaty. A treaty that has been negotiated mostly in secret by people who do not have the interest of ordinary citizens at heart, but people who represent the vested interest of large corporations. Will you allow it to happen that big business can essentially “buy” legislation with their extensive lobbying networks? Will you endanger the rights and liberties of millions of European citizens such as myself, just to protect the already fat wallets of mega-corporations? Or will you truly represent us, your electorate and say “no”, in order to protect us from their money-grubbing hands? The time to make your decision is now. Continue reading “ACTA”

Impact of the Diginotar hack

In June 2011 Diginotar, a Dutch provider of SSL certificates, was hacked. The hack was probably carried out by hackers working for the government of the sovereign nation of Iran for the purpose of obtaining forged SSL certificates for a number of high level domains, such as Google and Yahoo, among others. With the help of those forged certificates, it was possible to snoop on encrypted communication of Iranian citizens by using them in a classic “man in the middle” attack. While the successful hack is significant in and of itself, it has far-reaching implications for the entire world. Continue reading “Impact of the Diginotar hack”

Anonymous threatens to destroy Facebook (or not?)

In strong words, Anonymous condemns Facebook for its violation of user’s privacy. In addition, the collective announces that on November 5, Facebook will be destroyed. November 5 is Guy Fawkes’ Night in the UK, on which people celebrate the foiling of the gunpowder plot to blow up the House of Lords. The Guy Fawkes’ mask worn by the character ‘V’ in the film ‘V for Vendetta‘, has been adopted by members of Anonymous (or their supporters) and Anonymous has made references to Guy Fawkes before. Continue reading “Anonymous threatens to destroy Facebook (or not?)”