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Should bakers opposed to gay marriage be forced to bake a wedding cake for gay couples? This is the discussion I got involved in on Twitter with Gideon. Unlike many debates on Twitter, this one stayed civil and didn’t descend into profanity and calling each other stupid, which was refreshing. I had to leave the debate due to it being 2:30 AM but the question kept me thinking for a while. Finally, I arrived at what I think is the position that makes the most sense to me. No doubt others will have differing opinions.

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The lure of Google

I’ve been using smart phones for a long time, in particular the top range Samsung Galaxy line of phones. As most of you will probably know, these phones are Android based and come pre-loaded with lots of software from Google. You pretty much need a Google account to use them. Google software is generally pretty good and on top of that it’s free to use. I understand the lure of Google like no other. There’s just this nagging feeling that I can’t seem to shake.

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Being offended

There is an old story about the Buddha and an angry old man which goes something like this.

Each day the Buddha would go to the market and each day, an angry old man would come up to him and start hurling insults and abuse at him. Each day, the Buddha continues smiling and minding his own business.
After a week, the old man is so curious about why the Buddha doesn’t react, he has to ask him why he continues to smile despite all the abuse. The Buddha replies:

Buddha, with the same smile still on his face looks at the old man and asks “If I were to bring you a gift tomorrow morning all wrapped up in a beautiful box would you accept it?” to which the old man replies “Absolutely not, I would take nothing from the likes of you!”. “Ah ha” the Buddha replies “Well if I were to offer you this gift and you were to refuse then who would this gift belong to?”. “It would still belong to you of course” answers the old man. “And so the same goes with your anger, when I choose not to accept your gift of anger , does it not then remain your own?”
(See the full story on page 2)

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Are there moral absolutes?

On September 10, I posted my answers to Matt Slick’s “Questions for Atheists“. One of those questions was “Are there moral absolutes?” to which I staunchly replied ‘no’. As I was browsing WordPress blogs, I came across a series of posts from fellow atheist blogger Sarah (who is also Good Enough Mum) in which she addressed the same list of questions. Not surprisingly, we had quite a bit of answers in common. Her answer to the question on the existence of moral absolutes sounded like she had given it a little more thought than I initially did.

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