Meme repository

The following is a meme repository. These memes were not created by me and not all of these I necessarily agree with. However, most of these do help to elucidate something and may be useful to someone at some point. The power of a meme is that it helps condense a point into a single image, which makes it particularly useful on sites such as Twitter, where space is limited.

If you have any comments, questions, corrections or own the copyright to any of these, please let me know using the form below. If you have a meme which you think should be included, please send it to me via email at the following address: joop at beris dot com.

General atheism memes

Mike Autrey

Dan Barker

Bertrand Russell

Patrick Condell

Billy Connolly

Francis Crick

Richard Dawkins

Daniel Dennett

Stephen Fry

Sam Harris

Robert Heinlein

Christopher Hitchens

Bill Maher

Michael Sherlock

Carl Sagan

Adam Smith

Neill Tyson

Ricky Gervais

Bill Nye

Peter Boghossian

Friedrich Nietzsche


George Carlin

Lawrence Krauss

James Randi

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