Using postfix as a front-end for MS Exchange

This article is as much a “how to” as it is for myself to document how I built a postfix front-end mail server for MS Exchange and integrated spam and virus scanning. The base for this server is a HP DL360, running openSUSE Linux 11.3., but it should work for most other distributions out there. It assumes you already have a running installation of Linux. We’ll be using postfix, amavisd-new, clamav and spamassassin.
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A special kind of idiot

Today, for some reason, we had a major power interruption here in the area. It didn’t take very long, only a couple of seconds, but it was long enough for one of our UPS’s to crap itself. And not just a little bit because in crapping itself it took with it a 3TB disk enclosure. Poof, just like that, all 12 disks showed orange LEDs, which is never a good sign. Power cycling the enclosure didn’t solve anything. Continue reading “A special kind of idiot”

2012, are we all going to die?

There’s been a lot of talk about a major calamity striking the Earth in the year 2012, on December 21 (or other dates in the year, depending on who you’re talking to) no less. Now, that’s a fairly precise date and that alone should raise a few questions. How can someone make a prediction of an approaching calamity with such amazing precision? In my opinion, the more precise a number is, the more likely it is false. For example, if I told you that 371.346 civilians died in World War 2 as a direct result of bombing, you might be surprised at the detail of my research but the truth is that nobody knows exactly how many people died during World War 2, let alone as a result of bombing.
Okay, so what is this calamity that is going to befall the planet in 2012? Well, the experts making these claims aren’t exactly sure about that. They know the date (but don’t seem to agree on it), but they don’t know exactly what’s going to happen. Some say there’s going to be some kind of shift of Earth’s magnetic poles, or some kind of planetary or even galactic alignment. Others are talking about a comet impact, earthquakes, solar flares, a rogue planet or even a brown dwarf (a star with not enough mass to sustain fusion) wandering through our solar system. No matter the method, we’re all going to die. Or are we? Continue reading “2012, are we all going to die?”