The Faith of Christopher Hitchens

I can’t open a single news outlet these days without seeing Larry Alex Taunton’s book “The Faith of Christopher Hitchens, The Restless Soul of the World’s Most Notorious Atheist”. It shows up in my Amazon suggestions, it shows up in my Twitter feed and in my Google search results (at those times I care to use Google). As I understand, Taunton hints at the possibility that Hitchens may have considered Christianity towards the end of his life, suffering as he was from oesophageal cancer. The basis of this assertion is that Mr. Taunton and Mr. Hitchens read from the gospel of John together on two road trips. Frankly, I’m rather sick of hearing about it.

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Christopher Hitchens

I have mentioned Christopher Hitchens here before. By the time I had heard about him, checked out Youtube videos showing him debating theists and others, he had sadly already passed away some months before. I say sadly because when I listened to him debating people with his style, his eloquence and his unrelenting exposure of his oppononents’ assumptions, misunderstandings, strawmen or lies, I immediately took a liking to him.

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