Christianity isn’t true

On February 18 I  responded to a challenging tweet from a Christian by the name of Christopher Andrus. We tweeted back and forth a bit and he invited me to read two articles on the website Christianity is True. It is his own blog and the articles he invited me to read are: “Evidence & arguments for the Existence of the God of the Bible” and “Ten Widely-believed Fallacies Today“. He asked me to read these articles when I asked him what convinced him that Christianity is true. I have good reason to say that Christianity isn’t true but to humour him, I decided to read his articles to see if they answered my questions. They didn’t and when I returned to Twitter to ask him about that, he simply didn’t respond despite me repeating my question.

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Theists and logic

If you’ve ever had a debate with someone who is defending his/her faith, you know that it is near impossible to convince a theist to critically examine their position of faith. When you’re an atheist, you usually value reason and logic so you rely on those in a debate. This is the point where your debate begins to break down because theists don’t use reason and logic to support their position. They may say they do but if they actually did, there would be no more theists. Here are a few examples from a recent debate I had, illustrating why theists and logic are a bad combination.

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Aron Ra demolishes David C. Pack

Back in April, I posted an article in response to a video series released by the “Restored Church of God“, which supposedly offers proof of God’s existence. I was seriously underwhelmed with the poor quality and (deliberate) misinformation presented in the first episode of that series. So much so that I decided not to watch the rest of it. I advise other people to stay well away from this series. Instead, you can enjoy it in an alternative way, watching as Aron Ra demolishes David C. Pack.

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“Does God Exist? – Many absolute proofs!”

I stumbled upon an absolute gem of a video series on YouTube. It is called “Does God Exist? – Many absolute proofs!” and is a production of the Restored Church of God. The series is presented by a man called David C. Pack, who is Pastor General at the Restored Church of God. Does this series contain the many absolute proofs of the existence of God? Prepare to be seriously underwhelmed.

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The debate that wasn’t a debate (5/5)

In the fifth and last part of the debate that wasn’t a debate, we finally take the gloves off. We get into an real debate. Before reading this part, please have a look at part 1, 2, 3 and 4 first.
The debate that wasn’t a debate was a direct message conversation I had on Twitter with Makayla, a Christian who contacted me to learn more about my position of disbelief.
Disclaimer: Makayla gave her permission for the creation of this post and it’s follow-ups. I promise to represent her part faithfully though for brevity, I will have to condense both her and my points.

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Why holy books aren’t proof

Many people of faith see their holy book as proof, as a text that shows their faith is true. After all, their holy text is the word of God. Unfortunately, most if not all faiths claim that their holy book is the word of God. Logically they can’t all be correct (though they could all be wrong). However, using their holy book as proof of their faith is not a valid approach. Let’s have a look at why holy books aren’t proof that a faith is true.

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