How dangerous is the ITU?

The ITU, the International Telecommunications Union is the UN agency for Information and Communication Technologies. The ITU is “committed to connecting all the world’s people – wherever they live and whatever their means”. Sounds like a very noble commitment, doesn’t it? It’s odd then, that the potentially biggest threat to the free and open Internet as we know it today, comes from this very agency.  The ITU will hold a world conference in Dubai this December 3rd and there could be something sneaky going on behind closed doors. Continue reading How dangerous is the ITU?

Technologically enhanced humans

Yesterday, The Register reported on a man who was physically assaulted at McDonalds in Paris for wearing computer assisted spectacles. He has a full account of the event, with photos taken by the computer assisted spectacles, on his own blog here. The exact reason for the attack on Dr. Steve Mann remains unclear but it is possible that the people there thought he was filming them and they objected to that. Continue reading Technologically enhanced humans

Karel de Gucht: Vote of EU Parliament on ACTA doesn’t matter

I have written before on the shocking arrogance of the European Commission. However, it now appears that matters are even worse than previously thought. EU Commissioner Karel De Gucht held a speech the day before the INTA Committee voted on ACTA, announcing that the vote of the EU Parliament on ACTA doesn’t matter, ACTA will simply be clarified and resubmitted at a later date. Come again, Mr. de Gucht? Continue reading Karel de Gucht: Vote of EU Parliament on ACTA doesn’t matter

David Martin: “Say no to ACTA”

In a rather surprising statement from David Martin, the new rapporteur on ACTA and chairman of the EU International Trade Committee, he urges the rejection of the controversial ACTA agreement, stating that the benefits of the agreement do not way up against the concerns surrounding ACTA. The statement is surprising, because mr. Martin has in the past largely defended business interests. Still, I’m not complaining, seeing this new advice. Or should I be? Continue reading David Martin: “Say no to ACTA”

The fork or the crossroads?

We live in interesting times. Economic crisis, social upheaval, collapsing companies, rampant consumerism, revolutions, government crackdown, disappearing privacy and globalisation. It feels like there is a pressure building and like all pressure, it’s going to have to find a way out. It is my opinion that we are standing on the fork or a crossroads, a threshold of a new era. A new era that will be shaped in the coming years and one that will have far-reaching implications for the future.
Continue reading The fork or the crossroads?

ACTA clarified for regular civilians

Many people are confused about what ACTA will actually mean for them, should it become a reality. Several people or groups have made lists of things wrong with ACTA, have made lists of the various threats the agreement poses, etc.  Now, someone has done an awful lot of work to try and translate the legalese into something us ordinary people can understand. The result is kind of frightening… This is not my work, so I can not vouch for it being 100% accurate, but I have read the document and it seems rather well done to me. Have a look for yourself!