Lies, damned lies and ACTA

In a response to the day of international protests against ACTA, Dutch NOS news asked the Dutch negotiator on ACTA, Minister Maxime Verhagen, for a response. In his response Minister Verhagen mentions that he doesn’t understand the commotion and that ACTA is actually good, since it enables us to take a child pornography sites offline, for instance. ACTA is mainly of importance for “other countries”, not The Netherlands according to the Minister. For The Netherlands nothing would change, he added.

Child pornography is of course the current buzzword being used to hurry undemocratic proposals through parliaments. How could anyone not support a treaty that helps combat child pornography?

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ACTA protest day, February 11, 2012

Post edited 2012-02-12: more videos added and the reaction of Minister Verhagen has been given a post of its own, so it has been removed here. Bonus points if you can spot yours truly in any of the videos below.

I was at the protest in Amsterdam today and boy, was it ever cold! Still, it was good to be there, to hear the arguments, to speak with onlookers and wave at the many cameras pointed at us. Most of them were from tourists, but still. It was quite shocking to find out how little people knew about ACTA, if anything at all! Most had never heard about it until today. Continue reading “ACTA protest day, February 11, 2012”