What is the best argument for the existence of God?

What is the best argument for the existence of God?

What is the best argument for the existence of God? I found an article with that very title on the site of Answers in Genesis. I had hopes that this might be an article with some substance but as I’ll explain here, it wasn’t. The article was written by Dr. Jason Lisle, an astrophysicist and Christian. There is also a page dedicated to him on RationalWiki. Clearly a man who would be able to construct a rational, well-argued case for the existence of God.

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Christianity isn’t true

On February 18 I  responded to a challenging tweet from a Christian by the name of Christopher Andrus. We tweeted back and forth a bit and he invited me to read two articles on the website Christianity is True. It is his own blog and the articles he invited me to read are: “Evidence & arguments for the Existence of the God of the Bible” and “Ten Widely-believed Fallacies Today“. He asked me to read these articles when I asked him what convinced him that Christianity is true. I have good reason to say that Christianity isn’t true but to humour him, I decided to read his articles to see if they answered my questions. They didn’t and when I returned to Twitter to ask him about that, he simply didn’t respond despite me repeating my question.

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Theists and logic

If you’ve ever had a debate with someone who is defending his/her faith, you know that it is near impossible to convince a theist to critically examine their position of faith. When you’re an atheist, you usually value reason and logic so you rely on those in a debate. This is the point where your debate begins to break down because theists don’t use reason and logic to support their position. They may say they do but if they actually did, there would be no more theists. Here are a few examples from a recent debate I had, illustrating why theists and logic are a bad combination.

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5 Things Atheists Can’t Prove

One of the things I like to do on this blog, is pick apart articles written by apologists, claiming to have evidence for their beliefs or who claim to have questions designed to show atheists like me where we’re wrong or how atheism is somehow an erroneous position. Usually, these articles are just a rehash of claims that have been repeated ad nauseam with little new to offer. This post is in response to an article entitled “5 things atheists can’t prove” on the Inspired Walk website. As expected, it is the same kind of sad affair.

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Why holy books aren’t proof

Many people of faith see their holy book as proof, as a text that shows their faith is true. After all, their holy text is the word of God. Unfortunately, most if not all faiths claim that their holy book is the word of God. Logically they can’t all be correct (though they could all be wrong). However, using their holy book as proof of their faith is not a valid approach. Let’s have a look at why holy books aren’t proof that a faith is true.

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The debate that wasn’t a debate (3/5)

The third part of the debate that wasn’t a debate, a conversation I had with Makayla, over on Twitter. The first part can be read here and the second part can be found here. I recommend you read those before reading this part.
In the previous part of this conversation, we explored the beliefs of Makayla and ended with the question: “How can we know what is true and what is evidence?” We pick up the debate that wasn’t a debate with her answer to that question.
Disclaimer: Makayla gave her permission for the creation of this post and it’s follow-ups. I promise to represent her part faithfully though for brevity, I will have to condense both her and my points.

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