It’s the kids’ fault

Back in June of this year, I responded to a tweet from the account of the pope, @Pontifex. In his tweet, the pope or someone running the account for him, tweeted how we should build up society in light of the Beatitudes.

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“New Atheism” bashing

Recently, there have been a number of publications that criticise “New Atheism”. Take for instance the article by dr. Patrick O’Connor who complains that atheism isn’t about more than just not believing in god. A silly position, as I have explained here. Or the book “The Leprechaun Delusion“, equating “New Atheism” with a dangerous cult, which I have also written about earlier. Now, there’s a new book by CJ Werleman, entitled “The New Atheist Threat”, which has been reviewed on “Godless Spellchecker’s Blog”.

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Persecution complex

I’ve mentioned before that I think religion is harmful. Among other things, it acts as a perception filter that shields the believer from reality but it also makes it difficult to see things in the light of reason. This is illustrated very well in this blog post by Ken Ham, of Answers in Genesis fame. Continue reading Persecution complex


Over the course of the last few days, I’ve found myself thinking quite often about mortality, the death of loved ones and my death as well. Part of the reason is that my father has been unwell for several weeks and just today, he was diagnosed with lung cancer, something which we’ve worried about for the past several weeks. While it is too early to say what exactly the prognosis is, it could be very serious. Continue reading Mortality

Asking why

One of my former bosses once took me aside after a meeting to tell me something that quite frankly baffled me. He let me know that certain people had complained that I always made them explain their reasons for asking something. I told him that if I wasn’t asking why they wanted something, I could not help them in an optimal way. I needed to understand their request to do that. Continue reading Asking why

What has atheism done for you?

Atheism is often seen as something negative. After all, if you reject faith, the idea of an afterlife and that there is a God out there who cares for you, your life must be rather hollow and devoid of meaning, right? Well, I will try to explain to you what atheism has done for me while also asking the question: “What has atheism done for you?” Continue reading What has atheism done for you?

Evolution theory fallacies

When discussing people of faith, things quickly turn to creation when they learn you’re not a believer. Not believing in the kind and loving god who created me? They seem genuinely shocked to find out that as an atheist, I don’t believe I was created. At least not created in the sense that I believe there was an intelligent process or being behind the creating, someone to design all the bits that make up a human. Surely I can’t believe in evolution? As it turns out, many people don’t accept evolution because they have terribly wrong ideas about what the theory of evolution is and what it says about life on Earth. Continue reading Evolution theory fallacies