The “Echo Chamber Effect”

When unsure of something, it is smart to seek advice from someone else. Nobody knows everything so sometimes we have to rely on the expertise of others to help us make a decision. For medical questions, you consult your doctor. For mortgage advice, we consult a financial advisor. So for religious questions, people ask their priest/rabbi/pastor or other religious leader relevant to their denomination. Is this a smart thing to do? Continue reading The “Echo Chamber Effect”

Don’t be so positive!

Columbus wouldn’t have made it to the Americas if he had thought he’d never get there or how arduous and dangerous the trip was going to be. Einstein wouldn’t have made it out of the patent office if he had been gloomy and doubtful about his theory. And Robert Oppenheimer would never have been able to ready the A-bomb if…wait a second. I know this is an extreme example, but maybe we’re on to something. Perhaps being positive all the time is not such a good thing?

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