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(source: Therese Sallstedt, Swedish Museum of Natural History)

New algae fossil discovery may reset the evolutionary time line

Source: Complex Life Could Be Vastly Older Than Thought

If found to be true, complex life could be as much as 500 million years older than previously thought. When life began on Earth is still somewhat of a mystery so any fossil that sheds light on the origin and evolution of life is a significant find!

On February 18 I  responded to a challenging tweet from a Christian by the name of Christopher Andrus. We tweeted back and forth a bit and he invited me to read two articles on the website Christianity is True. It is his own blog and the articles he invited me to read are: “Evidence & arguments for the Existence of the God of the Bible” and “Ten Widely-believed Fallacies Today“. He asked me to read these articles when I asked him what convinced him that Christianity is true. I have good reason to say that Christianity isn’t true but to humour him, I decided to read his articles to see if they answered my questions. They didn’t and when I returned to Twitter to ask him about that, he simply didn’t respond despite me repeating my question.

I should point out that Andrus asked me to leave any comments or views on his own blog but I have decided I won’t do that and write my rebuttal here. The reason for that is that he ignored my questions for clarification on Twitter so I have no reason to believe taking the discussion to his blog will be helpful in gaining understanding.