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  • One-dimensional man

    One-dimensional man

    Last Updated on 2023-09-17 by Joop Beris I recently came across an article which discusses the philosophy of Herbert Marcuse, a German philosopher of the Frankfurt school. Marcuse is surprisingly still very relevant today. In his book The One-Dimensional Man, he argues that modern, industrialized, democratic nations are actually totalitarian in nature. What struck me…

  • Fight CSAM, destroy privacy

    Fight CSAM, destroy privacy

    Last Updated on 2023-07-08 by Joop Beris Last year in May, the European Commission proposed new rules to eradicate CSAM, Child Sexual Abuse Material. The sexual abuse of children is a heinous crime and profiting from such material is even worse. It is important to take effective measures against creating and spreading of such material…

  • Do you practice religion?

    Do you practice religion?

    Today’s writing prompt from WordPress asks: “Do you practice religion?” People who follow my blog will know that I have strong opinions about religion and religious beliefs. This writing prompt prompts me to dig up this subject again and share my opinion about it.

  • The greatest gift

    The greatest gift

    Last Updated on 2023-01-06 by Joop Beris The WordPress “daily prompt” of today is an easy one for me. If I need to specify what the greatest gift someone could give me is, there’s really only one thing that leaps to mind. What that one thing is? Read on below and I’ll tell you!

  • What are your feelings about eating meat?

    What are your feelings about eating meat?

    Last Updated on 2024-06-17 by Joop Beris For the writing prompt of today (for which I am way too late), WordPress asks: “What are your feelings about eating meat?” I discussed some of this in a post about becoming a vegetarian before but it’s worth exploring this topic a bit further because it’s still controversial…