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  • Do you practice religion?

    Do you practice religion?

    Today’s writing prompt from WordPress asks: “Do you practice religion?” People who follow my blog will know that I have strong opinions about religion and religious beliefs. This writing prompt prompts me to dig up this subject again and share my opinion about it.

  • Which is more moral?

    Which is more moral?

    I am not that impressed by the morality of the Ten Commandments. Yet we often hear that the Ten Commandments are the bedrock of our morality. Without these texts, supposedly written by the finger of God himself, we would not know how to live together. I reject that claim. However, I thought it would be…

  • Religion doesn’t belong in the science classroom

    Religion doesn’t belong in the science classroom

    Recently, a student from the USA contacted me to ask if I was willing to participate in an email interview. His professor gave him the assignment to interview a non-believer or a sceptic. Since he had earlier read my article “9 logical reasons why there is no God“, he wanted to interview me. I asked…

  • The skeptic in the room

    The skeptic in the room

    I was browsing YouTube as many do during this pandemic. While there is a lot of stuff on YouTube that’s not worth the time it takes to click on the link, sometimes you find a real gem. By accident, I stumbled on a video by Eddie Scott, entitled “The skeptic in the room”.

  • Book review: Mortality

    Book review: Mortality

    Mortality by Christopher Hitchens first appeared in 2012. It’s been sitting on one of my bookshelves for quite some time because something held me back from reading it. Hitchens wrote it when he “lived dyingly” as he put it, from esophageal cancer. That alone should be enough to tell you that it isn’t light reading,…

  • Rejecting Christianity

    Rejecting Christianity

    There are several articles on my blog where I explain why I am an atheist. There are plenty of reasons I can give why I don’t believe in any gods. So far though, I haven’t explained the process that lead me to reject my Christian faith. A series of events that I could not reconcile…