The shocking arrogance and ignorance of the European Commission

Perhaps it is just me, perhaps I am still too easily shocked in this day and age and I should develop tougher skin. It is also possible that I am just waking up to this and that this attitude is considered normal. Or perhaps the European Commission is indeed shockingly arrogant when it comes to […]

ACTA clarified for regular civilians

Many people are confused about what ACTA will actually mean for them, should it become a reality. Several people or groups have made lists of things wrong with ACTA, have made lists of the various threats the agreement poses, etc.  Now, someone has done an awful lot of work to try and translate the legalese […]

Piracy and the power of protest

As I mentioned before, in many countries across Europe, massive demonstrations and protests have been and are being held to tell our governments that a substantial portion of European citizens are opposed to ACTA. Here in The Netherlands, a protest is being organized in Amsterdam, this Saturday. Now, the Dutch are not known for their […]