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  • Stumped? Hardly!

    Stumped? Hardly!

    I came across the article (now removed, apparently) “5 ways to stump an atheist” written by Richard Bushey on his site Therefore, God exists. In the article, Bushey lists 5 questions to stump an atheist, although claiming there are many ways to do that. Of course stumping someone isn’t that hard. Just say something that…

  • Questions for atheists

    Questions for atheists

    For those of you who like to read my blog, you’ll know I like to take answer these “Questions for atheists” lists that believers publish. They seem to think that these questions are clever, insightful and sure to stump any atheist. More often than not they are actually the opposite. Inane questions that are filled…

  • 8 questions for atheists

    8 questions for atheists

    Those of you who read this blog, are aware that I sometimes like to answer posts called “questions for atheists” or words to that effect. Just explore this tag to see a collection of those posts. Usually, these kinds of posts are supposed to ask some hard-hitting questions that leave atheists stumped and/or make them…

  • Questions for Atheists

    Questions for Atheists

    Yet more “Questions for Atheists”, this time courtesy of this post on Godless Mom. Since we’re all invited to respond, I thought I’d post them here, seeing as I’m on a roll today anyway. 🙂

  • A Question for Atheists

    A Question for Atheists

    Regular visitors will know that I like to answer those “question for atheists” articles. Sometimes these are well thought out questions that show insight and a quest for understanding. Others are simply evidence of atrocious reasoning powers, lack of scientific knowledge and/or baseless presuppositions. I’m afraid this article falls into the last category.

  • Questions for atheists

    Questions for atheists

    I was browsing some atheism related blogs and found a link to a lengthy list of questions for atheists at the Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry and I figured I’d have a go at answering them. You’re actually supposed to send them in via email but what good is having a blog if you’re not…