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As an atheist, I can understand that people are perhaps surprised that I don’t believe in a god. After all, the majority of people on this planet is religious to some degree and even here in the secular Netherlands, many people believe there “must be something”.
However, what will never cease to amaze me, is the fact that people do not understand what atheism means. Atheism is consistently misrepresented, mainly by religious people. They try to argue that atheism is somehow just another religion. Is atheism really that hard to understand? Well, apparently it is because today I picked up on a truly awful piece of writing by a Brad Emery, who published an “article” in the Australia edition of The Huffington Post, entitled: “Dear Atheists, I Truly Admire Your Faith“.


New Scientist has an article announcing that a team of the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich has found a plausible way to generate the two purine nucleosides, adenosine and guanosine – A and G in the genetic code. This is a big step to explaining how RNA may have formed spontaneously on the primordial Earth.

RNA molecules are thought to be some of the earliest self-replicators that led to life. Now their building blocks have been made to self-assemble in a lab

Source: Building blocks of life’s first self-replicator recreated in lab | New Scientist