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For people who visit this blog more often, it is no secret that I love science. I feel it’s amazing that we humans, in only a few thousand years, have found out so much about our world, the cosmos and our place in it. We owe that understanding to people with inquisitive minds, prepared to follow the evidence where it leads and who dare to question everything. Today, we call these people scientists. In the past, we might have called them heretics.


There’s long been speculation about mystery objects in our solar system. A tenth planet hiding out behind the orbit of Pluto, a dark companion of the sun and even a “killer planet” by the name of Nibiru.
Much of that is nonsense or speculation by Doomsday prophets. However, scientists have reasons to believe there may be an undiscovered planet as yet out there…

There’s New Evidence for the Mysterious Mega-Earth Known as Planet 9 | @curiositydotcom


An avid coffee drinker like myself probably needs no encouragement to regularly take in a cup of coffee.  I positively love the stuff. Drinking coffee also has several health benefits, proven by scientific research. For instance, coffee boosts brain function, helps to burn body fat and lowers your risk of Type 2 diabetes.

Now, researchers have also found that coffee may help you tolerate your colleagues better. So what are you waiting for?

Coffee Could Help You Tolerate the People You Work With | @curiositydotcom