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Anonymous explains ACTA in a 6 minute video, clearly pointing out the danger to fundamental human rights, privacy and free speech as we know it. This is a very important time. ACTA must be stopped and it can be stopped at the European Parliament. If they say ‘no’, ACTA is finished. Have you written your MEP yet?

The dangers of eroding privacy

We are living in an age where information is fast becoming the most important commodity. This has created a new class of poor people. Apart from the ‘have-nots’ we now also have the ‘know-nots’, people who are not privy to certain types of information. Because information is so valuable, lots of companies, agencies and governments are doing their utmost to get their hands on our data. I recently did a little survey of my own situation and I came to the conclusion that there are well over 120 separate entities who have some kind of information about me. These are just the entities that I am aware of, of course. There may be many more that I am not immediately aware of, like marketing companies, stores, publishers and last but not least: government agencies. (more…)

This is an open letter to all those concerned, especially members of the European Parliament.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are our elected representatives. You are the last hurdle the ACTA agreement has to take before it can be implemented. It is my fervent hope that you shall prove to be an insurmountable hurdle. It is my sincere wish that you vote “No” against this far-reaching and potentially very dangerous treaty. A treaty that has been negotiated mostly in secret by people who do not have the interest of ordinary citizens at heart, but people who represent the vested interest of large corporations. Will you allow it to happen that big business can essentially “buy” legislation with their extensive lobbying networks? Will you endanger the rights and liberties of millions of European citizens such as myself, just to protect the already fat wallets of mega-corporations? Or will you truly represent us, your electorate and say “no”, in order to protect us from their money-grubbing hands? The time to make your decision is now. (more…)