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Last month, I blogged about the Clean IT Project. The aim of this project is to examine the question “if we can reduce the impact of the use of the Internet for terrorist purposes, without affecting our online freedom”, however a look at a leaked document revealed that the project got somewhat derailed. The leaked document seemed to propose Big Brother-like restrictions and dragnet-style monitoring of all European subjects citizens.

Thanks to the Pirate Party Switzerland (“PPS”) and the Pirate Party Luxembourg (“Piraten”), we can now know the difference, because they have managed to procure the publishing of the current draft of the project. As it says in their article:

The text was made available to the Pirate Parties for publication on the platform to encourage a broad public discussion and European-wide participation. “On the one hand participation and transparency in the decision-making process creates trust in the resulting acts and on the other hand the feedback from European citizens increases the quality of the proposal – it’s a win-win situation for all involved parties!” says Sven Clement, President of the Pirate Party Luxembourg.

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