Are the Ten Commandments moral?

In 1956, director Cecil B. DeMille treated the world to his epic interpretation of the story of Exodus, where God leads the Jewish people out of bondage in Egypt. Even if you’ve never seen the “The Ten Commandments“, most people will remember the iconic scene where Mozes, played by Charlton Heston, comes down from Mount […]

Lucifer’s Tongue tickles Dutch Christians the wrong way

In The Netherlands, somewhere along highway A6 in the windy province Flevoland, stands a statue in the shape of an oval. It was revealed in 1993 and has been the subject of some controversy. That’s all due to the name of the work of art. When artist Ruud van de Wint saw his work, it […]

What’s wrong with Christianity?

This post is a deeper dive into why I dislike many forms of organized religion, in this case Christianity. Now you may ask “What’s wrong with Christianity?” Many people don’t see the harm in it because in most Western nations, Christianity has been “domesticated”. It’s a watered down version of originally extreme beliefs, cherry-picked from […]

The evidence that Jesus ever existed is weaker than you might think

Saying that Jesus maybe never existed, doesn’t go over well with most Christians. Many cling to the idea that the stories of the Gospels are true, eyewitness accounts of historical events. In scholarly circles, this view is fortunately much less accepted. How strong is the case for a historical Jesus really? Is he man or […]