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  • What are your feelings about eating meat?

    What are your feelings about eating meat?

    For the writing prompt of today (for which I am way too late), WordPress asks: “What are your feelings about eating meat?” I discussed some of this in a post about becoming a vegetarian before but it’s worth exploring this topic a bit further because it’s still controversial for many people. Let’s dive in!

  • What makes me lose track of time?

    What makes me lose track of time?

    I like the new writing prompts that WordPress issues. Maintaining a blog can be a bit of a chore and sometimes you struggle to find things to write about. A writing prompt may help in that situation. I like the question asked today: “which activities make you lose track of time?” So I am adding…

  • The app that changed my life

    The app that changed my life

    I know titles like this are often considered clickbait but that’s not what I am trying to do here. I want to talk a bit about an app that changed my life. Or rather, I should say that using this app on a regular basis has changed how I relate to life and even to…

  • How to be a freethinker

    How to be a freethinker

    In 1637, René Descartes published his work Discourse on the Method. In this work, Descartes discusses philosophical skepticism, doubting everything until arriving at truth which he considers to be so self evident as to be beyond discussion. This tome is the source of what is perhaps the most famous philosophical statement ever made: “Cogito, ergo…

  • Feeling old

    Feeling old

    This year, I will become 46 years old. If I’m lucky, this might be about half my full lifespan. And yet, sometimes I can’t help feeling old. This is especially true when I am talking with younger people. Just recently, I was at a gathering and we were talking about the change of the millennium.…

  • Friends and friendship

    Friends and friendship

    Certain things about human relationships baffle me. One of those things is the fine art of making friends. I never seem to have gotten the hang of it. Sure, there were some people throughout my childhood and as a teen who I considered to be friends and I am sure they saw me as their…