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  • Road-tripping


    Now that Covid-19 seems to be under control, it was time for some quick road-tripping through Europe. One of the cool things about continental Europe is that you can get in a car and simply start driving. A few hours later, you’re in a different country, with a different culture and a different language. Yet…

  • Organizing and managing your photos

    Organizing and managing your photos

    Do you remember what shoe boxes were for a long time ago? For those of you too young to remember, let me explain. Long after the shoes that had come in the box were thrown away, the box was kept for storing copies of printed photos. The idea was that those photos would eventually be…

  • The most powerful photo ever

    The most powerful photo ever

    Every year, we take billions of photos of ourselves and our loved ones. Photos of landscapes, buildings, vehicles, animals or just random strangers. The vast majority of those photos are entirely unremarkable except perhaps to the person who took them. A precious few are so good, they qualify for awards like the World Press Photo.…

  • Without people

    Without people

    I am fascinated with how the world would look without people. Either because people were never there or because we’ve long gone extinct. I’ve written about that topic here before, inspired by the game “Horizon, Zero Dawn“. That is set in a post-apocalyptic world strewn with the ruins of our long vanished civilization.

  • Mushrooms


    Every year in the fall, I take my family out for a walk in the woods near our home, to look at the mushrooms that year. Here’s an impression from this year. As to the names of these mushrooms? Beats me, at least for most of them. I just like the way they look. and…

  • Fall


    I like the fall, when the leaves turn from green to beautiful yellows, reds and light browns. Warm afternoons but chilly mornings. Gathering acorns and chestnuts. And course, fall is also the time of spiders. Morning dew makes their webs clearly visible. During a walk yesterday, I snapped this beautiful spider which I believe to…