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  • Black Friday

    Black Friday

    Black Friday is the term mostly used in the United States for the Friday following Thanksgiving. It’s the day that marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. It’s known for retailers offering massive discounts and in a way it is a perfect summary of our empty, consumption oriented society.

  • What I learned about racism…?

    What I learned about racism…?

    This article is a response to an article by Rob Wijnberg published on The Correspondent, an independent news site which is shut down since January 1, 2021. Ever since a friend sent me the link to “What I learned about racism by listening to people who experience it“, the essay has irritated me on some…

  • Being offended

    Being offended

    There is an old story about the Buddha and an angry old man which goes something like this. Each day the Buddha would go to the market and each day, an angry old man would come up to him and start hurling insults and abuse at him. Each day, the Buddha continues smiling and minding…

  • Are there moral absolutes?

    Are there moral absolutes?

    On September 10, I posted my answers to Matt Slick’s “Questions for Atheists“. One of those questions was “Are there moral absolutes?” to which I staunchly replied ‘no’. As I was browsing WordPress blogs, I came across a series of posts from fellow atheist blogger Sarah (who is also Good Enough Mum) in which she…