15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense

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The linked article by John Rennie in Scientific American was originally published in 2002 but it hasn’t lost any of its actuality nor has it been refuted by creationists. Creationist arguments also haven’t changed significantly since then, demonstrating how they are simply unable to formulate an opposing theory to evolution.  I’ve also written some answers to creationists nonsense earlier on this blog and have also explored if creationism is plausible.

Opponents of evolution want to make a place for creationism by tearing down real science, but their arguments don’t hold up

Source: 15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense

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Evolution is just Theory and Art

13. Dinosaur is a Fictional Character from Novel by Group Evolutionist a Writer and make a Theory assumption with Hundred Millions year.

14. Bone Dinosaurs, Statue, and Relics can Created by some material and Evolutionist claims assumption that Stuffs are made millions year

15. in Article Offically History, Atheism has killed 590,2 Million Lost Human Lives since Black Death/Black Plague in 1346 year and other Gen0cide or W@rs, this is the most bloody and terribly worse from Document Historical

Evolution is just Theory and Art

15 Answers to Evolutionist Nonsense

1. Statue or some Stuff from Museum is an Art Man-Made from design and Workshop by Skillful Artist

2. 1388 to 125 Millions Year is Claim assumption without More Detail of Document by Atheist Archaeologist

3. Evolution is Neo-Communist and Anti-Religion trying against All Religions with Propaganda Evolutionist

4. Evolutionist are disproven, because not have a Document Evidence more detail information to Present day.

5. Relics is an Fake Artifacts makes for looking Old After give addition from Dust or Sand by Skillful Artist

6. Detector year made of Atheist is just an Edit year combine Calculator and Setting from Data Code.

7. Some Atheist Scienitific didn’t even prove or make some theory imagination in Atheist’s Brain Delusion

8. Cameraman and Actor Atheist is making Drama & Content entertainment about Statues and Relics

9. Scholar Atheist is creating assumption of Earth’s Age/Old years make Admit it without prove Evidence with some Document

10. Most Religous People 7,2 Billion disagree about Human Evolution because Racist on Black for the Reason, Atheist Population is 146.3 Million, Who the most many population is Truth

11. From Early to Present, There are no information more detail some evidence about Evolution man-made by Atheist

12. Atheist Scientific are a joke names of Evolution like oompaloompasaurs are assumption by Evolutionist


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