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A pair of wings found encased in amber suggest that the plumage of modern birds has remained almost unchanged from some of their dinosaur-era ancestors, according to scientists. In a new study published in the Nature Communications journal this week, researchers say that the wings have very similar structures, coloring, and feather layouts as the wings of modern birds, despite the fact they likely belonged to 100-million-year-old avialans called enantiornithes.

Detail of the fossil, showing remarkable preservation

Detail of the fossil, showing remarkable preservation

The preservation of this fossil is remarkable and it shows that working feathers were around as long ago as 100 million years. While an exciting find for scientists and those interested in science within moments of posting this to Twitter, I was again confronted by the fact that there are still plenty of people (read: creationists) who deny reality because they prefer to live in their fantasy world.

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