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One of the things I have always wanted to do, ever since Toyota launched the Prius, was drive one. Not too long ago, “thanks” to an accident, I had the opportunity to drive a Prius. It was a new model, which Toyota touts as the most advanced car in the world. That raises a person’s expectations. The question is, does the Prius deliver? (more…)

In this post, we’ll take a look at how to migrate spamassassin from the default db files to a MySQL database. The assumption is that you have a working mail server that already does spam scanning and where spamassassin stores its information in the default db files. In order to improve speed, especially for auto-expiry but certainly also for spam filtering itself, it is advisable to store the data in a faster database. (more…)

Welcome to the second instalment of the ssh files. In this instalment, we’ll be taking a look at logging in without a password, using public key authentication. The major benefit of logging in through public key authentication, is that you will only have to remember the pass phrase of your key and no longer a dozen or more passwords on different servers. Also, setting your ssh daemon to only allow public key authentication will foil any attempts by script kiddies to brute force your password…because there isn’t one. (more…)

Online or offline, we are constantly bombarded with all kinds of messages trying to convince us to buy this or give money to that. I tend to be a little allergic to advertising messages.I tend to be a bit careful with the kind of information I want to allow in.  Well, I’ve got that pretty well covered…except for one last area. (more…)

If you have ever had to administer Linux (or Unix) servers, you are probably familiar with ssh, the secure shell client. For those of you not familiar with ssh, think “telnet on steroids”. For those of you not familiar with telnet or ssh…what are you doing administering servers? Ssh is like the Swiss army knife of remote connectivity. It can do so much that I think that no one has ever used all of the features it offers. This article is an exploration of the basics of ssh, future articles will explore its functionality in more depth. (more…)

I don’t know why but generally it seems that the Dutch are simply poor drivers.  For instance, when there’s fog, rain or snow, you get either people who panic and suddenly think it’s best to drive at a speed that would embarrass an asthmatic hippo. Or you get people that drive on with an attitude of “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”. Either one is fairly dangerous, the second obviously more so than the first, but still. If people would just match their speed to the circumstances and the traffic around them, things would be fine, but no, they simply don’t look further than the hood of their cars. These are drivers from hell.