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So recently we’ve seen 3 things to say to an atheist, supposed to get atheists thinking about the reality of God and how those three things fail miserably. Fellow atheist and blogger Tim has done a much better job with 20 questions from an atheist to Christians that are actually substantial and should prove hard to answer for most Christians (if they’re intellectually honest). They should at least cause some thinking and scratching of the cranium.

Source: 20 Questions From An Atheist To Christians

Forgery, a book review is my review of “Forgery, the split pen of bible-writers” the title of a small book I picked up a long time ago and that I’ve recently been rereading. As far as I know, Amazon does carry it but only in a Dutch edition and I’m not sure it’s ever been translated. The author is Jacob Slavenburg, a Dutch historian who has written several publications about early Christianity and gnosis. He’s also a co-translator of the Nag Hammadi library into Dutch. (more…)