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  • Untimely meditations

    Untimely meditations

    A little over 11 years ago, in January of 2011, I started my blog under the title “Random musings, rambling opinions”. I included the subtitle “One man’s thoughts, observations and rants”. However, I feel it is time for a change. Perhaps 11 years of musing and rambling is enough for any blog. I feel it…

  • A fresh look

    A fresh look

    After a few years running the WordPress Twenty-Fifteen theme, I decided it was time for a fresh look of the blog. So I spent some time tweaking the new Twenty-Seventeen theme and quickly came to like it. So starting today, when you look Random Musings, Rambling Opinions in your browser, you get the new look.…

  • My 2015 year in blogging

    My 2015 year in blogging

    The helpful helper monkeys at Jetpack have provided a report that allows me to review how my blog did this past year. Not bad for a personal blog that I run mainly for myself. Want to see my 2015 year in blogging? Come right this way!

  • Let’s make this the march of our time

    Let’s make this the march of our time

    Please consider donating to help Avaaz organise the biggest climate march ever. I did! In five weeks, our community is hitting the streets for the the biggest climate march in history. We will rally from Paris, where the world summit is happening, to Melbourne, to Sao Paulo, to Dhaka, and thousands of towns in between.…

  • New location and new look

    New location and new look

    It’s been a while in the works but I’ve finally changed some things around here. First of all, this blog has been moved to entirely new site. It is no longer in a co-location hosting centre but instead now lives on its own small server in my home. I’ve added an SSL certificate for encryption…