Liberation Day 2015

Playmobil knight
Happy to be on the job again!
The lord and captain of the guard in discussion.
Dead end job
"I did this 30 years ago and I'm still here. Talk about a dead end job!"
On guard duty
The lady of the castle
Glad the silverware is polished.
Showing off
I guess he's happy to be out of storage!
A quick chat before guard duty

Last Updated on 2018-06-05 by Joop Beris

This Liberation Day, I did something that had absolutely nothing to do with any festivities concerning our freedom or liberty, didn’t contemplate the sacrifice many made so that we can enjoy our freedom or anything like that. Instead, I did something that was very liberating for me personally. I spent a good deal of the morning, cleaning and putting together a toy set that is at least 30 years old. I used to play with it when I was a little boy and now, my eldest son can play with it. It’s a Playmobil castle.

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