A nightmare but also a chance

As the current corona pandemic continues to claim victims, the pressure is on governments to do everything they can to stop it. To help prevent the spread of the virus, governments employ technology. That in itself is a good thing but there are also privacy concerns in the battle against corona. Once we get the […]

Let’s make this the march of our time

Please consider donating to help Avaaz organise the biggest climate march ever. I did! In five weeks, our community is hitting the streets for the the biggest climate march in history. We will rally from Paris, where the world summit is happening, to Melbourne, to Sao Paulo, to Dhaka, and thousands of towns in between. […]

Mystery solved: Why large dinosaurs avoided the tropics for millions of years

Interesting article on Fox News about why large dinosaurs seem to have avoided the tropics during the Triassic period. Palaeontology warning us about climate change today! New research has revealed why it took more than 30 million years for large Triassic dinosaurs to populate the tropics after they first appeared on Earth, ending a mystery […]