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  • We use AI wrong

    We use AI wrong

    Generative AI has taken the world by storm. Every company scrambles to add AI to their products, whether it is functional or not. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes AI is a helpful addition but in general, I think we use AI wrong.

  • The Social Dilemma

    The Social Dilemma

    People who know me, know not to get me started on the dangers of using the internet. If you do make that mistake, you’ll get a string of cautions about using social media, how you are being tracked and profiled and how you are being sold. Even worse, you are manipulated without knowing it. However,…

  • I hate Microsoft Word

    I hate Microsoft Word

    It’s true, I’m no fan of Microsoft. Perhaps it’s the tactics they use to do business. Certainly it’s the invasion of user privacy they perpetrate with Windows 10 and their Office products. It was their insistence that a server needs a graphical interface. It’s absolutely the multitude of vulnerabilities in their software. As a private…

  • 10 ways management fails at cybersecurity

    10 ways management fails at cybersecurity

    There are few things as important in cybersecurity as the involvement of upper management. If the C level executives aren’t involved or don’t see the point, no cybersecurity strategy will be successful. Here are 10 ways management fails at cybersecurity and what you as a security professional can do to address them.

  • Ransomware


    In case you lived under a rock the past few years: ransomware or cryptolockers are a form of digital extortion. A malicious program runs on your computer, searches for any and all data files it can find and encrypts them. Anywhere on the network where you have access, the program performs its evil function. Entire…

  • Top 10 signs you work in IT security

    Top 10 signs you work in IT security

    The following is just a top 10 list of signs you work in IT security. It’s intended to be funny, not be used as guidelines for actual IT security.