Top 10 signs you work in IT security


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The following is just a top 10 list of signs you work in IT security. It’s intended to be funny, not be used as guidelines for actual IT security.

Top 10 signs you work in IT security

10 – You actually do have separate passwords for all your accounts.

9 – The only trusted network you use, is your home network.

8 – You regularly Google yourself to check what “they” know about you.

7 – Every device you own, is encrypted. Including the microwave.

6 – You have shunned Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media since day 1.

5 – Your home WiFi  has a password consisting of 64 or more random characters and changes weekly.

4 – You lock your screen even when no one is around.

3 – You actually understand and use PGP.

2 – You only use the Internet when connected to a VPN.

and the number 1 sign you work in IT security:

1 – You consider all of the above to be good advice.

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