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  • Joplin with Nextcloud

    Joplin with Nextcloud

    If you’re anything like me, you like to take notes. Whether it’s in a work meeting, a post idea for my blog or a simple shopping list, I want somewhere to jot things down quickly. I also like having access to my notes wherever I go. Last but certainly not least, I like to work…

  • Improving fonts in openSUSE 42.3

    Improving fonts in openSUSE 42.3

    Just a short post but hopefully useful to some of you. I recently switched back to openSUSE, installing openSUSE Leap 42.3 on my main system. It uses KDE Plasma as it’s default desktop environment. It looks beautiful and works well. It’s also infinitely customizable. However, is has to be said that the fonts look pretty…

  • Safely clean up boot

    Safely clean up boot

    One of the things that seriously annoys me but that pops up from time to time, is the fact that my Linux /boot partition fills up with old, unused kernels. I know, I should have created a bigger partition but this installation is old, updated several times over the course of a few years and…

  • Updating PHP5-APCu on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS for ownCloud compatibility

    Updating PHP5-APCu on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS for ownCloud compatibility

    If you run your own ownCloud (not the Enterprise version) on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, you will most likely have noticed that it works but complains on the admin page about APCu being lower than version 4.0.6, which is the version ownCloud 8 and higher needs. Now there is an easy fix to updating PHP5-APCu on…

  • SSH brute force attacks

    SSH brute force attacks

    I run my weblog on my server, both out of  hobby and because it gives me complete control over the underlying operating system, available software and security mechanisms. As a result, I see all that goes on with this machine, both good and bad.

  • Delete files older than

    Delete files older than

    It is just one of those things that as an admin, you sometimes come across. There’s a directory somewhere that fills up with clutter. Every day, programs dump temporary files there or users upload stuff and before long, there are thousands of files of debris and cruft. How do you keep this directory neat and…