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  • Who cares about information security anyway?

    Who cares about information security anyway?

    So what’s my day been like? Well, I’m glad you asked dear reader! Pull up a chair, pour your favourite alcoholic beverage and strap yourselves in. This ride is going to be hard and we don’t have any airbags! Airbags sound too much like risk management and who cares about that? Who cares about information…

  • The “new normal”

    The “new normal”

    With the Covid-19 pandemic seemingly under control in the developed world, many people are aching for relief of social distancing restrictions. People want to meet each other again, go out and go on vacation. However, the virus isn’t gone so many governments insist on certain measures for the expected return to normal. Societies prepare for…

  • The skeptic in the room

    The skeptic in the room

    I was browsing YouTube as many do during this pandemic. While there is a lot of stuff on YouTube that’s not worth the time it takes to click on the link, sometimes you find a real gem. By accident, I stumbled on a video by Eddie Scott, entitled “The skeptic in the room”.

  • The Social Dilemma

    The Social Dilemma

    People who know me, know not to get me started on the dangers of using the internet. If you do make that mistake, you’ll get a string of cautions about using social media, how you are being tracked and profiled and how you are being sold. Even worse, you are manipulated without knowing it. However,…

  • I hate Microsoft Word

    I hate Microsoft Word

    It’s true, I’m no fan of Microsoft. Perhaps it’s the tactics they use to do business. Certainly it’s the invasion of user privacy they perpetrate with Windows 10 and their Office products. It was their insistence that a server needs a graphical interface. It’s absolutely the multitude of vulnerabilities in their software. As a private…

  • Nostril-cam


    It’s an odd time, this corona pandemic. In developed nations such as the Netherlands, we are suddenly discovering that we didn’t need all those shiny office buildings after all. Thanks to our broadband internet infrastructure, we are videoconferencing the hell out of everything. Unfortunately, it also puts some annoying design decisions into the spotlight.