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  • One-dimensional man

    One-dimensional man

    I recently came across an article which discusses the philosophy of Herbert Marcuse, a German philosopher of the Frankfurt school. Marcuse is surprisingly still very relevant today. In his book The One-Dimensional Man, he argues that modern, industrialized, democratic nations are actually totalitarian in nature. What struck me was the link I saw to the…

  • The greatest gift

    The greatest gift

    The WordPress “daily prompt” of today is an easy one for me. If I need to specify what the greatest gift someone could give me is, there’s really only one thing that leaps to mind. What that one thing is? Read on below and I’ll tell you!

  • Black Friday

    Black Friday

    Black Friday is the term mostly used in the United States for the Friday following Thanksgiving. It’s the day that marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. It’s known for retailers offering massive discounts and in a way it is a perfect summary of our empty, consumption oriented society.

  • Some quotes to remember

    Some quotes to remember

    A lot of people say a lot of things a lot of the time. The introduction of the internet has only made this worse because now everybody who wants to have a platform, can have a platform. Thank you for visiting my platform, by the way. Most of what people say on their platform of…

  • Which is more moral?

    Which is more moral?

    I am not that impressed by the morality of the Ten Commandments. Yet we often hear that the Ten Commandments are the bedrock of our morality. Without these texts, supposedly written by the finger of God himself, we would not know how to live together. I reject that claim. However, I thought it would be…

  • The Great Song of Indifference

    The Great Song of Indifference

    In 1984, 10 year old me called into a national telethon to donate my allowance to aid people in Ethiopia, dying of famine. This telethon was inspired by Band Aid, organised by Irish singer – songwriter Bob Geldof. In November 1989, I was glued to the TV to watch the events around the fall of…