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Six members of the Word of Life Christian Church in New Hartford, New York, face charges after a teen died from blunt force trauma injuries, police say.

Source: New Hartford World of Life church members arrested after teen dies – CNN.com

If you don’t confess your ‘sins’ in the World of Life Church, apparently they are willing to beat you to death. Another example of how religion can make people do terrible things while assuming they serve God.

When I named this blog “Random musings, rambling opinions”, I was serious. So I bring you all kinds of interesting (hopefully) posts, ranging from how to secure your computer, to things about atheism, dinosaurs and now smartphone battery myths. Hope this helps someone!

Over just a few years, the batteries in our smartphones have changed a lot. That means those old tips to stretch out your battery life just aren’t as true as they once were, yet we still share them like they’re gospel. Before telling someone to disable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, let’s shed some light on those old myths.

Source: Smartphone Battery Myths, Explained

Earlier this week, I Pressed this article. And now: an entire new Homo species. Just goes to show that there’s still a lot we don’t know about how our species came to be, exactly. What is evident though is that our evolution has been going on longer and more diverse than was previously thought.

Homo naledi is a mixture of modern, Asutralopith, and unique features.

Source: Over a dozen skeletons of an unknown, early Homo species found

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise that humans aren’t so different from our closest relatives. After all, evolution doesn’t create sharply defined edges between species. Over time, populations diverge slowly until they differ enough that we label them as a different species.
Exciting new evidence of Neanderthals and Homo Erectus creating abstract patterns reveals they may have had symbolic thought.

Recent discoveries point to shared traits and blurred borders with our closest relatives.

Source: Humans aren’t so special after all: The fuzzy evolutionary boundaries of Homo sapiens

I’ve heard it suggested before: autism isn’t actually a disease. I’ve heard it suggested that it might be a new stage of evolution, maybe. While I am undecided on that, I think the severe forms of autism should definitely be treated like a disorder. High-functioning autism though, that may indeed be a different beast…

It’s a natural neurological difference, and most autistic adults reject the idea of a cure. Steve Silberman explains.

Source: We’ve called autism a disease for decades. We were wrong.