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Today is really turning out to be a fine day to discover what I might have against religion. Earlier today I shared an article with you about how a Christian education program teaches children that dinosaurs are still alive and that the Loch Ness monster is just a plesiosaur.

Fast forward a couple of hours and here is another fine example of what is wrong with religion: the fact that a man can write a serious article on how to train your wife. It is a known fact that in conservative Christian circles, women are treated as inferior to men. How this type of sexism is still going on in the 21st century is beyond me.

I’ve got some news for those Christian husbands who have yet to turn their calendar to the year 1918 or so: Your wife is not a dog. She doesn’t need training, she doesn’t need correction and she doesn’t need a guiding hand. She’s not inferior to men. She’s not a toddler or an eternal child. She’s a grown woman and she needs to be loved and to be supported, just like men do. She can make her own decisions in an equal partnership.

I love training and love to be trained.  If your image of training is a dog being trained, then you have the wrong vision of training. The training I am talking about is an Athlete being trained to compete in the Olympics, a chef being trained for a lifetime of making delicious food, or a […]

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