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It is just one of those things that as an admin, you sometimes come across. There’s a directory somewhere that fills up with clutter. Every day, programs dump temporary files there or users upload stuff and before long, there are thousands of files of debris and cruft. How do you keep this directory neat and tidy? Easy, you just make a small script that will delete files older than x days. (more…)

One of my former bosses once took me aside after a meeting to tell me something that quite frankly baffled me. He let me know that certain people had complained that I always made them explain their reasons for asking something. I told him that if I wasn’t asking why they wanted something, I could not help them in an optimal way. I needed to understand their request to do that. (more…)

Back in 1993, Dutch broadcaster VPRO produced a 7 part documentary series entitled “A wonderful accident” (“Een schitterend ongeluk”). It featured eminent scientists/philosophers Oliver Sacks, Rupert Sheldrake, Daniel C. Dennett, Stephen Toulmin, Stephen J. Gould and Freeman Dyson. The series dealt with ethics in life science and what the 6 interviewees considered to be the fruits of science at the closing of the 20th century. The first 6 of 7 programs each concentrated on one of the 6 men and the 7th program brought all 6 of them together for a round table discussion under the moderation of Wim Kayzer.
I remember watching this series and being in awe of these men and their ideas and insights. It’s one of my favourite TV programs of all time. (more…)