Stand Up for Strong Security

Certain factions within the US Congress and the FBI are insisting on the government requiring US technology companies to grant the government special access to devices and cryptographic measures. In essence, they are asking for US technology to be insecure by design. Adding a backdoor for US government agencies is possible but there are serious […]

Parents fatally whipped teen who wanted to quit church, New York court hears

There are many people who claim that religion is a force of good, that it is essentially harmless. Again and again, the faithful remind us how wrong that opinion is. A teen lost his life in a barbarous “counselling session” because he wanted to leave the church.

The insulting Richard Dawkins

It’s no secret that plenty of people find Richard Dawkins  insulting. He’s had his fair share of misunderstandings on Twitter, for instance. I can understand that you might feel insulted to hear that someone makes fun of your deeply held religious beliefs. I can also understand that there are situations where it might be hurtful […]

A Question for Atheists

Regular visitors will know that I like to answer those “question for atheists” articles. Sometimes these are well thought out questions that show insight and a quest for understanding. Others are simply evidence of atrocious reasoning powers, lack of scientific knowledge and/or baseless presuppositions. I’m afraid this article falls into the last category.

New Hartford World of Life church members arrested after teen dies –

Six members of the Word of Life Christian Church in New Hartford, New York, face charges after a teen died from blunt force trauma injuries, police say. Source: New Hartford World of Life church members arrested after teen dies – If you don’t confess your ‘sins’ in the World of Life Church, apparently they […]