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Certain factions within the US Congress and the FBI are insisting on the government requiring US technology companies to grant the government special access to devices and cryptographic measures. In essence, they are asking for US technology to be insecure by design.
Adding a backdoor for US government agencies is possible but there are serious implications for the future.

  • It’s only a matter of time before others find and exploit this backdoor. These others could be hackers sponsored by a foreign government.
  • There will be economic ramifications because companies and organisations that are not US-based, will think twice before buying US technology, especially for those areas where security is essential.
  • If successful, this proposal will basically give the US government access to any device built by a US company, whether it is owned by a private individual, organisation or company, which will put the private data of billions of people only one login away from US government agencies. An unacceptable and unparalleled breach of privacy and confidentiality.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is running a petition where you can let the White House know that you oppose this proposal. I have signed and I’d like to ask you to sign it too.

Tell President Obama: No secret backdoors in our technology.

Source: Stand Up for Strong Security

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