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A structure of sorts

Last Updated on 2023-07-08 by Joop Beris

A few weeks ago, I announced my intention to take this blog into a slightly different direction. To find that direction, I went back through my old posts to come up with one or more general themes or topics. A grand narrative, so to speak. I collected all of my used tags and arranged them in a mind map. Slowly a structure of sorts started to form in the mind map and that’s what I want to introduce today.

A structure of sorts

A mind map of tags
A structure of sorts

Not all of my posts fit in the general narrative of my blog but the main topics that keep returning, are humanity, the sciences and IT. I often focus on the impact of IT on culture, human rights and politics. Many of my posts critique religion as well but I feel that topic is pretty much over for me. What remains to be said about something that is essentially unbelievable?

I will try to solidify this direction now that I have a structure of sorts. Having a structure makes it easier to focus my thinking and writing. More focus only means better blog posts, right?

Of course, I also mentioned the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche in that earlier article. How does that tie in to my new structure, you might ask? To which my answer is: shut up.

Honestly, I don’t really know yet but I’ll find out as I go on. Nietzsche was, among other things, a sharp cultural critic and many of the things he had to say, are still relevant today. A Nietzschean lens on certain topics might add a new perspective or clarity. Besides, the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche is a fun topic for me and blogging should be fun as well, shouldn’t it?

Not a huge change

Don’t expect a huge change in topics or direction, though. This structure of sorts is mainly for me, to give direction to my writing and to provide a general structure for my blog. I might fiddle with categories and taxonomy of posts but most of that will be behind the scenes. For you, the reader, it will be pretty much business as usual here but hopefully with a little less rambling and musing and a little greater sense of direction.

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