The “Echo Chamber Effect”

When unsure of something, it is smart to seek advice from someone else. Nobody knows everything so sometimes we have to rely on the expertise of others to help us make a decision. For medical questions, you consult your doctor. For mortgage advice, we consult a financial advisor. So for religious questions, people ask their […]

The Tyranny of the Discontinuous Mind

Last night, I wrote a post about my discussion with someone who considers all abortion is equal to murder. In that article, I included a tweet from Richard Dawkins, who said that an embryo is at the very least less sentient than any adult mammal. Since mr. Dawkins is a world-renowned biologist, I think his […]

The right to have an abortion

Recently, I got into a discussion with someone on Twitter about whether or not a woman should have a right to an abortion. I will not link to the actual discussion here because I wish to keep my Twitter account separate from my real life identity for various reasons. However, I promise to present the […]

“We must be free to insult each other”

If you’ve taken the time to read the page describing what this blog is all about, you will have seen that I describe myself as a free speech radical. I believe that free speech is absolutely necessary if a democracy is to function at all. I therefore believe that any form of censorship is objectionable, […]

Technologically enhanced humans

Yesterday, The Register reported on a man who was physically assaulted at McDonalds in Paris for wearing computer assisted spectacles. He has a full account of the event, with photos taken by the computer assisted spectacles, on his own blog here. The exact reason for the attack on Dr. Steve Mann remains unclear but it […]