Karel de Gucht: Vote of EU Parliament on ACTA doesn’t matter


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I have written before on the shocking arrogance of the European Commission. However, it now appears that matters are even worse than previously thought. EU Commissioner Karel De Gucht held a speech the day before the INTA Committee voted on ACTA, announcing that the vote of the EU Parliament on ACTA doesn’t matter, ACTA will simply be clarified and resubmitted at a later date. Come again, Mr. de Gucht?

Yes, that’s what he said: clarified. Not changed, altered, amended, or shredded. Clarified. Since ACTA is signed, it can’t be changed any more. The EU Parliament can only vote (and will most likely do so next week) “yes” or “no” on ACTA. A clarification about ACTA doesn’t change anything. The text of ACTA is final and that is what would be implemented should the EU Parliament say “yes”. No amount of clarification will change the agreement text or the outcome of implementing ACTA. And let’s not forget that ACTA is not very clear to begin with.

What is most shocking to me though, is the following bit out of his speech:

Second, once we will have identified and discussed these possible clarifications, I would intend to make a second request for consent to the European Parliament. Whether the Parliament will consider it under this legislature or the subsequent one, will be for you to decide.

So even after the EU Parliament has said “no” to ACTA, Mr. de Gucht will not accept that “no” as an answer. He will simply attempt to explain certain bits of the agreement and ask parliament again to vote. And what if they say “no” again, Mr. de Gucht? Will you ask again? And again, until you get a “yes”?
What this demonstrates is utter contempt for the voice of the EU Parliament. Let’s not forget that parliament is the representative body of all citizens of the EU. So basically what de Gucht is saying is that it doesn’t matter what the people of Europe say or think, the European Commission will go ahead with ACTA, no matter what. Seriously, does this man understand anything about the democratic process? Does he know that parliament represents you and me and all other citizens of the EU?

Well excuse me, Caesar Mr. de Gucht! I don’t remember voting for you. Oh, of course not…you are not an elected representative. In that case, please have the decency to accept the decision of the European people as represented by their elected representatives. We don’t want ACTA and we don’t need ACTA. Not now. Not ever.

The full text of Mr. de Gucht’s speech is here.

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