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  • One-dimensional man

    One-dimensional man

    I recently came across an article which discusses the philosophy of Herbert Marcuse, a German philosopher of the Frankfurt school. Marcuse is surprisingly still very relevant today. In his book The One-Dimensional Man, he argues that modern, industrialized, democratic nations are actually totalitarian in nature. What struck me was the link I saw to the…

  • Black Friday

    Black Friday

    Black Friday is the term mostly used in the United States for the Friday following Thanksgiving. It’s the day that marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. It’s known for retailers offering massive discounts and in a way it is a perfect summary of our empty, consumption oriented society.

  • Are we happier?

    Are we happier?

    A friend triggered me with a question the other day. He was wondering: are we happier today in our modern society than people in the past? That’s a very complex question with many facets to consider. Who are we comparing? How are we going to make that comparison? To what period in history are we…

  • How to begin with Friedrich Nietzsche?

    How to begin with Friedrich Nietzsche?

    In my post Untimely meditations, I explained a bit about my plan of taking this blog in a somewhat new direction. I explained why I chose the new title for my blog because of feeling a kinship with the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Like I said there, I plan to explore the life and work…

  • Untimely meditations

    Untimely meditations

    A little over 11 years ago, in January of 2011, I started my blog under the title “Random musings, rambling opinions”. I included the subtitle “One man’s thoughts, observations and rants”. However, I feel it is time for a change. Perhaps 11 years of musing and rambling is enough for any blog. I feel it…