Vigilance remains necessary

Not one week after the crushing defeat suffered by ACTA in the European Parliament, comes another trade agreement fresh on its heels. This time, it is called CETA (Canada-EU Trade Agreement), a trade agreement between Canada and the European Union. Rather worryingly, certain provisions of the CETA text seem to be copied and pasted from […]

Karel de Gucht: Vote of EU Parliament on ACTA doesn’t matter

I have written before on the shocking arrogance of the European Commission. However, it now appears that matters are even worse than previously thought. EU Commissioner Karel De Gucht held a speech the day before the INTA Committee voted on ACTA, announcing that the vote of the EU Parliament on ACTA doesn’t matter, ACTA will […]

ACTA does NOT move to European Court of Justice

A little more than a month since it became known that ACTA would be moving to the European Court of Justice, it has become known that ACTA will not move to the European Court of Justice after all but remains scheduled for a vote by the European Parliament in June. Confused yet? You need not […]