The shocking arrogance and ignorance of the European Commission

Perhaps it is just me, perhaps I am still too easily shocked in this day and age and I should develop tougher skin. It is also possible that I am just waking up to this and that this attitude is considered normal. Or perhaps the European Commission is indeed shockingly arrogant when it comes to […]

Is the US Senate going to put a stop to ACTA?

The sad and dreary tale concerning ACTA continues, unfortunately. While the European Court of Justice is examining ACTA to see if it possibly conflicts with existing EU laws and treaties, it seems that across the pond in the USA, the Senate is apparently waking up to what ACTA means, following a White House statement that […]

ACTA moves to European Court of Justice

Rather unsurprisingly, the ACTA news of today is that the European Parliament has suspended the ratification of ACTA. The matter will now be referred to the European Court of Justice. I write ‘unsurprisingly’ because this is exactly what the new rapporteur on ACTA, David Martin, suggested more than a week ago. So is this good […]