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Some people have a talent for asking the obvious. You probably know the type. You have an appointment to meet them and when you get there, they greet you with “Did you find it?” Well obviously I’m there, aren’t I? Or you come in soaking wet and they ask you if it’s raining. No, I just like to go outside, throw a bucket of water over myself and come back in. That’s just my thing. These are entirely superfluous questions that seem to serve no function and they puzzle me. How am I supposed to respond when some is asking the obvious?

Stating the obvious annoys me

I don’t mean to sound like a jerk but I really don’t understand why people choose to make such obvious statements or ask such obvious questions. I don’t know how to respond to them. Most of the time, it’s probably intended as a conversation starter or an attempt to sound sympathetic. There’s probably a dozen better ways to be sympathetic to someone who’s coming in out of the rain, though. Why not offer a hot beverage, offer to dry my coat, anything but the silly question “Is it raining?” It is really hard for me not to respond with biting sarcasm.

Really? Did you think we’d miss it?

Restaurants and hotels are also very good at making these kinds of obvious statements. The waiter serves your food while explaining what each item is. I know what it is, I just ordered it from your menu. I didn’t just develop amnesia, I remember. Or the little tour of your hotel suite when you are being told where the bedroom is when you are standing inside the bedroom. “So this your bedroom.” Thanks, Captain Obvious. The bed actually was something of a give-away. “Careful on the balcony, we’re quite far up!” Yes, I am familiar with the architectural concept of a balcony and the elevator ride to the 6th floor was a clear hint too.
I know they mean well but it’s also annoying.

It makes you sound stupid

Worse are people you know who are prone to ask the obvious. You arrive sporting a beard and they go: “Hey, did you grow a beard?” As if this somehow escaped my attention. Or you stub your toe, you hop around on one leg in pain and they ask: “Are you hurt?” No, I find this is the best way to ward of the evil toe-stubbing spirits. Sitting down to eat lunch, they ask: “Oh, are you eating?” No, of course not, I just like to sit down with a plate full of food in front of me. Or you show up at the pool in your bathing outfit, towel, inflatable ball and you’re asked if you’re going for a swim. Someone I know got this question when she changed her hair color from a dark brown to blond: “Did you dye your hair?”

The point is that these seemingly meaningless questions to which the answer is obvious, make you sound stupid. I don’t see the point in asking the obvious. Is it showing interest? Is it showing that you noticed something? Are you trying to start a conversation or is it just being polite? I really can’t tell. Maybe this is supposed to be normal behavior and it’s just autism getting in the way.

Do people asking the obvious annoy you too? is it just me? Feel free to leave a comment. Or ask an obvious question.

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