The shocking arrogance and ignorance of the European Commission

Perhaps it is just me, perhaps I am still too easily shocked in this day and age and I should develop tougher skin. It is also possible that I am just waking up to this and that this attitude is considered normal. Or perhaps the European Commission is indeed shockingly arrogant when it comes to their opinion on mass involvement in a democratic process. What am I talking about? Well, the minutes of a meeting the EC held on Wednesday 22 February 2012 (pdf) and what certain EC members had to say about ACTA during that meeting. Continue reading “The shocking arrogance and ignorance of the European Commission”

Is the US Senate going to put a stop to ACTA?

The sad and dreary tale concerning ACTA continues, unfortunately. While the European Court of Justice is examining ACTA to see if it possibly conflicts with existing EU laws and treaties, it seems that across the pond in the USA, the Senate is apparently waking up to what ACTA means, following a White House statement that ACTA is legally binding for the United States. This is a complete reversal of earlier statements that proclaimed that the agreement was not binding for the United States. Continue reading “Is the US Senate going to put a stop to ACTA?”

ACTA is not dead

With all the recent news, several European countries announcing they were going to hold off on ratifying or signing of the ACTA agreement, major newspapers announcing that ACTA is dead, the EU Court of Justice ruling that social networks can’t be forced to monitor their users for copyright violations, it would be easy to make the mistake of believing that the fight against ACTA is over and that the opponents of the agreement have won. However, this is far from true. Continue reading “ACTA is not dead”